Friday, January 30, 2009


With hundreds of ethnics that come from more than 13000 islands spreading from west to east, no wonder Indonesia has lots of different kind of ethnical music. Almost every side of Indonesia has their own kind of music, and for some musicians these ethnical music often blend with the familiar style like rock or jazz.This time an amazing ethnic-blended fusion comes from the land of Gods, Bali. They’re cool, combining modern japanese-style fusion with gamelan and traditional musics of Bali in one groovy jazz. Kulkul is absolutely amazing, outstanding and genious. With all the respect to all the personnel, the highlight of this group is the drummer, Demas Narawangsa. He’s still 14, but he has started his career from the age of 7, when he won the first prize for Indonesian Expo Drum Competition, back in 2000. When he reached 12 year old, he formed this band along with some friends.Not only Demas is great in this band. The other member performed outstandingly too. Ethnical instruments speak in their songs, such as Balinese gamelan, blended perfectly with guitar, violin etc, in a really fun-playing rhythm. Their performance always speak a lot about Bali through each and every song they play, and it’s unbelievable to experience Balinese music fused perfectly as one with Casiopea’s style. 

Kulkul are:
Demas Narawangsa (Demas) (Drum, Kempluk)
Sigit Ardityo Kurniawan (Didit) (Violin)
RM Aditya Andriyanto (Adit) (Keyboard)
Adman Maliawan (Awan) (Bass)
I Ketut Budiyasa (Kendang, Gangsa Pemade, Kulkul)
I Komang Sumada (Flute, Gangsa Pemade, Cengceng Kopyak, Kulkul)
I Wayan Sudiarta (Cengceng, Gangsa Kantilan)
I Wayan Sudarsana (Kulkul, Gangsa Kantilan, Cengceng Kopyak)

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