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Download music!: Aziza Mustafa Zadeh-Sheherezadeh; Aziza Mustafa Zadeh-Boomerang; Aziza Mustafa Zadeh-I Don't Know

Meet the Princess of Jazz from the western side of Caspian Sea. Aziza Mustafa Zadeh, also known as Jazziza, is a lady with a special gift. She’s a fantastic pianist, amazing composer and also has superb voice. She play her music in an unique style, deeply influenced by the Azerbaijan’s traditional style known as Mugam.

Mugam jazz was created by her own father, Vagif Mustafa Zadeh. Vagif was also a pianist with superb skill. He passed away tragically at the early age of 39 caused by heart attack. This Mugam Jazz has the sense of Middle East blending perfectly with melodies, it’s glorious and dreamy. Aziza continues what her father has left in more modern approach. When we listen to Aziza’s songs, it feels like we are having a journey through the magical and beautiful 1001 night. Really, magical and beautiful imagination will definately filled our mind through her compositions. And that’s exactly what she wants, the connection between feelings and the music. Often she also felt her father’s presence in her shows. She once said, “For me, my father has never died. He simply has left this earth. I still feel his energy surrounding me. Sometimes, it’s like his soul is flying around me, you know. There are times when I give concerts that I feel his presence so strongly, it’s almost tangible. It’s like I could reach out and touch him.”

Aziza has worked with many stars, like Bill Evans, Stanley Clarke, Al Di Meola, Omar Hakim, John Patitucci and Dave Weckl to name a few. She has started her appearance on stage at the age of three, improvising vocals accompanying her father. She began by learning classical piano at a very young age and attached deeply by the works of famous composers like Bach, Chopin and Mozart. That’s the reason why she has composed some of their masterpieces in her albums.

Aziza has a very unique improvisation method. She brought jazz into a different world, combining classical, new age, fusion, even avant garde touch, opera singing style, and of course mugam as her music. One thing for sure, you will get a different experience in jazz after you listen to her albums. Unique mugam jazz, high skill improvisation, beautiful echoing and chipping voice, blended together, ready to send us into a journey through a different world of magic like we’ve never experienced before.

Aziza Mustafa Zadeh (1991)
Always (1993)
Dance of Fire (1995)
Seventh Truth (1996)
Jazziza (1997)
Inspiration - Colors & Reflections (2000)
Shamans (2002)
Contrasts (2006)
Contrasts 2 Opera Jazz (2007)

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